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About Us

Some of the most fascinating design in nature can be found in the plant kingdom; most notably among the Caudicform plants, a group that displays a great range of forms and symmetries.


Plants are a labour of love.  Be patient, and they will reward you every single day. 

Whether you’re looking for a new plant to uplift your mood at the office, add a little greenery to your home or simply as a cute and quirky gift for a friend — Miniaturland has got you covered. We’ve scoured the globe to curate plants that represent the splendour of each locale, yet are low-maintenance, forgiving and suitable for Singapore’s hot and humid climate. When you select from our collection, we equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to nurture each plant and experience the joy of having something flourish under your care.

More than just decorations, plants have the ability to restore balance and wellness in our modern, hectic lives. Cultivating a plant is a lesson in patience, responsibility and appreciation for nature. Many of our plant keepers love the sense of reward and satisfaction they feel when they see their plants in full bloom.

All of our plants are potted in vintage Japanese kitchenware which we upcycle into plant pots. For a one-of-a-kind look, each pot is carefully selected to be aesthetically pleasing without detracting from the shape and symmetry of the plant it holds. 

Reach out to us to discuss suitable plants for your space. Or discuss a bespoke plant in the species and pot combination of your choice. We’re more than happy to help you bring a slice of nature into your life.